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From the Mouth of a Child…Things Toddlers Say

From the Mouth if a Child...Things Toddlers Say

Who knows what goes on in our kids minds…I’m pretty sure that I do not.  Instead of trying to understand it (futile), I just prefer to laugh at it.

Here are some things that baby girl has said in the last 6 months that I’ve gotten a good laugh over.  (She’s 2 – 2 1/2 in most of these.) Feel free to laugh out loud.


Baby girl: I like you. I don’t like your hair. It’s not pretty. COMB IT!

Me: That makes me sad that you don’t like my hair.

Baby girl: It’s ok to be sad.


Baby girl was sitting at the kitchen table, and out of nowhere she says loudly…

Baby girl: Excuse me!

Daddy: Did you poot?

Baby girl: No.

Daddy: Did you fart?

Baby girl: No. I toot!


While on the phone…

Grandma: Have you seen any animals today?

Baby girl: No, just Daddy.


While driving to town after a winter ice storm:

Baby girl: Be careful, Daddy!

Me: Why does Daddy need to be careful?

Baby girl: Because of the ice cubes!


Baby girl brought her monitor to Daddy.

Baby girl: It die. Needs batteries.

She goes over and plugs it in.

Baby girl: I fixed it!!…for you, brother, so you can sleep!


When Grandad was visiting (Baby girl calls him Ol’ Dad)

Baby girl runs into my room and excitedly states: I be nice to Ol Dad!  I not hit him!


While at the kitchen table.

Baby girl (pointing): Ohhhh no!!!

Daddy left a cabinet open… (I can tell she’s already a perfectionist just like her mom!)


After being gone from us for an afternoon:

Baby girl (to me): I miss you!

Baby girl (to her brother): I not miss him!


While at a church dinner one evening.  I was sitting next to an older gentleman and Baby girl was about to scoot over into my seat when I got up.

Baby girl (pointing to the older man): He dead?

Me: No!

Baby girl: Oh.  He not dead.



Baby girl received $5 in a card recently.

Daddy: You can buy things with money. What do you want to buy with your money?

Baby girl: Uhhhh, milk!


When I was putting Baby girl to bed one night…

Baby girl: You has eyes?

Me: Yes…

Baby girl: You can see me?

Me: Yes.

Baby girl: Hi!


To Daddy at church one Sunday (Note: She has just been potty trained and we have to bring along her potty seat that goes over the toilet or she won’t go potty when we’re out.):

Baby girl: Daddy, where’s my potty seat?


Baby girl: I don’t know where it is. I don’t know why I forget things sometimes.

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