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“Cute as a Button” : First Birthday Party

My daughter recently celebrated her first birthday.  It’s crazy how fast a year goes by!  Everyone said that it would be over in the blink of an eye and it certainly was.  I think that sometimes we lose sight of how precious the lives are that God has entrusted us with because although the years fly by, the days and months sometimes drag on.  My daughter’s first birthday reminds me that every day is a precious gift from God that I will never get back.  It certainly helps to remember this through the more trying moments and days.

On her actual birthday, the hubby and I woke her up with singing (actually she was awake already, we just sang to her while she was still in her crib) and brought her in to the kitchen to share a birthday muffin.  We placed a candle in a muffin and sang to her again.  The hubby remembered special birthday breakfasts like this when he was growing up and wanted to make this day special for our little one as well. (Although she didn’t really understand what was going on, obviously.)

Over the weekend, we had her birthday party at the hubby’s mom’s house and invited all our family to share in her special day.

I decided on the theme “As cute as a button” for her party months ago.  After all, all of our family agreed that she is the prettiest little baby they’ve ever seen. I know they are completely impartial in this obvious judgment.

Here’s what I did to prepare for her “cute as a button” party theme:

I made my invitations with picmonkey and corel paintship pro.

I found some free printables for adorable button placecards~ via On To Baby (they also have invitations, thank yous, etc., completely customizable in many colors)

I made a banner from this free “cute as a button” printable from LATIKA

I decorated her high chair with pink and purple streamers.  I figured she would kick them all off right away, but she was so distracted by all the people watching her (and the kitty cat, of course) that she didn’t even notice the streamers.

That was basically it for the decorations.  I planned all the food to be baby friendly, things baby girl could eat.  I also wanted the foods to be round, so everything was in the general shape of buttons.

I will be sharing the recipes for the foods over the next week. (For those that I haven’t posted already.) Check back for updated links with all of the recipes.  Here is what we served:

Veggie Pinwheels (I just used yellow and orange bell peppers instead and left out the green onions to look less Christmas-y.  I also made my own ranch seasoning mix.  Recipe coming soon!)
Peanut Butter Yogurt Fruit Dip, served with strawberries, bananas, and kiwi
Mini Mac n Cheese Bites (I am linking directly to the recipe from another blog.  I will not be posting my variations simply because I didn’t love these (not quite creamy enough for my tastes – I prefer stovetop mac and cheese!).  However, lots of the folks at the party loved them, so I wanted to include a link.)
Zucchini Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (I also made button candies to top the cupcakes)

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